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Exploring Ecuador Abreast a Terroristic Burro

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Quito, Ecuador is a city caressed by clouds. You don’t look up to see the clouds, you look straight ahead at eye level. The cottonball formations float over a patchwork quilt of farmland, knitting the rolling hills together in between the Andes. The Ecuadorian capital is long and narrow – 27 miles in length from […]

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The TSA Special

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I was the lucky recipient of a random TSA screening going through security at LAX en route to Ecuador. When I dressed myself for the flight, I was proud of myself for selecting an outfit in such a way as to not have to remove any article of clothing or accessory and not have the machine go off. My belt-less and bra-less (free-tittin!) efforts served no purpose when the lights above the machine flashed red and beeped after I walked through.

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