Winter is Coming

Argentina, Chile, travel


We’re visiting Chile and Argentina as the Southern Hemisphere transitions from autumn into winter. This Russian bear relishes this chilly climate. Anytime the temperature dips below 65 degrees, I am in my element. This body is not meant for California weather. I break a sweat as soon as we near the 70s. So here in 50 degree weather, I am in my zen zone. With a tunic and a cardigan on, mama is ready to sightsee. Michael, on the other hand, completely falls apart. Every morning as I pull on a sweater, I see him layering up. First comes the t-shirt, followed by a sweater, followed by a coat, followed by a scarf, gloves and a hat. And still, when we exit our hotel, he starts shivering uncontrollably. The curse of being born in the Philippines. He can handle 110 degrees and 99% humidity but as soon as we dip into chilly weather, this man is petrified. I feel energized and ready to burn some extra calories by doing absolutely nothing but just being cold. Shivering can burn an additional 100 calories in 15 minutes. As an extra bonus, not only do you burn calories but your fat stores burn calories. Hello, lazy woman’s workout! Forget the juice diet, send me to the tundra, stat.

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