Rice and Beer

Philippines, travel, Vietnam

I love traveling, experiencing new countries, different cultures, and local foods. I loved my time in Vietnam and the Philippines. I’m sad that vacation time is over. But after an extended visit to the land of rice and beer, I am rabid for bread and wine. For the past two weeks it’s been rice. All day every day.

What’s for breakfast? Fried eggs, pork…..and rice.

What’s for lunch? Grilled pork, fried pork…..and rice.

What’s for dinner? More rice. Resign yourself to the fact that every meal will feature rice. Plain rice, garlic rice, fried rice. 

You want a potato? Have some rice.

You want to try some local fast food? It comes with rice on the side.
I’m ready to inhale my bread and wine. And no, I don’t want rice with that.

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